Free Invitation for Photographers to Exhibit in the Gallery

The Meridian Photographic Gallery invites any photographers who want to exhibit their photographs in one of our guest galleries. Please submit some examples of your work digitally by e-mail, jpeg images of no more that 500kb each please, giving your name and contact details, and a brief account of yourself and your work. We will consider the suitability of inclusion on the site and let you know as soon as possible. Photographs must be of a professional standard and appeal to potential customers of high quality photographic art.

You will have the opportunity to sell your work on our secure site, we take a commision of 30% of the print price, the production costs, postage to client etc are your responsibility, we take the commision and forward the details of the customers to you to process the order.

Alternatively we can process the whole order, produce the print and post to the customer for a commision of 70% which includes all production and administration costs.

All photographers will be supplied with an agreement and copy of our terms and conditions on being accepted by

For further information contact us by e-mail