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IT01 Headland Vieste IT03 Mont Sant' Angelo

IT04 Rooftops Mont Sant' Angelo IT05 Chatting Under Trees IT06 Mattinata Church

IT07 Gargano Coast
IT08 Whitewashed Street
IT09 Mattinat Street

IT10Assisi Landscape
IT11 San Damiano
IT12 Courtyard San Damiano

IT13 Bell Tower San Damiano
IT14 Carceri Mt Subasio
IT15 Golden Fountain

IT16 Santa Chiara Olive Tree
IT17 Assisi Rooftops
IT18 Basilica San Francesco

IT19 Basilica San Francesco
IT20 Basilica San Francesco Piazza
IT21 Hermitage Mount Subasio

IT22 Umbria Countryside IT24 Glissening Steps

IT25 Wall Mural IT26 Olive Tree IT27 Santa Marie D'Angelo

IT28 Resurrection Statue
IT29 Steps
IT30 Mattinata Old Men

IT31 Piazza Mattinata
IT32 Vieste Medieval Town
IT33 Pugnochiuso

IT34 Vieste street

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Thumbnail Index
IT01 The Headland at Vieste
IT02 Bascilica San Michele Arcangelo
IT03 Mont Sant’ Angelo Blanco
IT04 Rooftops, Mont Sant’Angelo
IT05 Chatting under Pine Trees
IT06 Mattinata Church, Gargano
IT07 Gargano Coast at Mattinata
IT08 Whitewashed Street
IT09 Mattinata Street, Gargano
IT10 Assisi view across Cornfields
IT11 San Damiano View, Assisi
IT12 Courtyard, San Damiano
IT13 Bell Tower at San Damiano
IT14 Carceri, Mount Subasio
IT15 Golden Fountain
IT16 Santa Chiara and Olive Groves
IT17 Ancient Assisi rooftops
IT18 Basilica San Francesco, Assisi
IT19 Basilica San Francesco, Assisi

IT20 Basilica San Francesco, Piazza
IT21 Forest Hermitage Cave
IT22 Umbrian Countryside
IT23 Dusk, Assisi, Umbria
IT24 Silver Glissening Steps, Assisi
IT25 Ancient Wall Mural, Carceri
IT26 Olive Tree, Umbria
IT27 Santa Maria D’Angelo, Nr Assisi
IT28 Jesus Resurrection Statue

IT29 Steps, San Giovanni Rotondo
IT30 Old Men of Mattinata, Gargano
IT31 Piazza early Evening in Mattinata
IT32 Medieval Town of Vieste
IT33 Pugnochiuso Gargano
IT34 Vieste Medieval Town